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A parent may select from among the magnet schools in the area assigned to the home address. Transportation will be provided if it is available and practical

CPS no longer will consider a student's race or gender for enrollment into magnet schools, in response to a recent U.s. Supreme Court Ruling
CPS is replacing four magnet quadrants with two areas- East and West- to simplify the application process
Interstate 75 will serve roughly as the East/West dividing line, based on a student's home address

(A parent who selects a magnet school outside the assigned area must provide transportation to and from the school.)

CPS' citywide magnet school and all high schools will continue to draw students from the entire district

Magnet School Application Cycle

All Magnet Applications will be stamped with date and time.

Parents go to the magnet schools to put in applications. Contact the schools for their application hours

For information about enrolling in North Avondaleor to schedule a tour, please call 363-3900 .



CPS Magnet Enrollment


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